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The Kinneret Innovation Center is an innovative national growth engine in the fields of agriculture, water and climate. The center produces
Growth, future and opportunities in northern Israel by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and leveraging Israeli strengths and knowledge
to provide an innovative solution to global problems in light of climate change and the need for food and water security in the world.

Agronomist with Tablet

The KIC ecosystem includes the following communities:


Networking group: The group is designed to promote an open networking discourse on high-tech, entrepreneurship, regional development, employment and events in the aforementioned fields - CLICK TO JOIN

Startup community - everything startups, accelerator graduates, investors, founders, employees
in startups and content people from the field - CLICK TO JOIN

Community of CEOs - a closed community for CEOs in the northern region - with the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the community focuses on mutual learning, preserving regional knowledge, establishing collaborations and driving internal and spatial innovation and sustainability processes - CLICK TO JOIN

Innovation Leaders - a community consisting of senior officials in the Jordan Valley region aims to promote knowledge sharing and the development of regional collaborations with an emphasis on innovation and organizational sustainability - CLICK TO JOIN

Engineering graduate community - the community is intended for Kinneret Academy graduate students in engineering and offers exposure to the worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship, personal development, final projects and unique jobs for graduates from the KIC ecosystem - CLICK TO JOIN

Innovation community in agriculture - infrastructure for sharing knowledge, solving challenges and finding opportunities for farmers in the Jordan Valley region - the community is led by KIC and in partnership with the Jordan Valley Council, Settlements Division, Zemach Group, Ministry of Agriculture and Transitions in the Valley - CLICK TO JOIN

You are invited to register for our talent platform - we will connect you to the most worthy employers in the KIC ecosystem - CLICK TO JOIN

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